Monday, 11 April 2011

So Who Wants to See Chris Noth’s Balls?

One of these men is about to flash his testicles. Which will it- Oh, right, the headline.
Being a world-renowned journalist, I get lots of e-mails, comments, stripper-grams, tweets, etc. from female readers saying I don’t post enough eye candy for the ladies. So to remedy that, here’s Mr. Big himself Chris Noth flashing his fruit basket at a charity event in New York last night. Of course, like any time I try to please a woman, you’ll probably say, “My vagina’s not in my butt This isn’t what I had in mind,” but just yesterday you wanted to repaint the kitchen, so I think we can all agree you’re hysterical. Probably from filling that pretty little head of yours with thinking and the like, you poor thing. *puts fingers to your lips* Shhh… There, there. There, there….
Photos: INFdaily
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