Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Natalie Portman Quit Being a Vegan

Natalie Portman Oscars
By the way this news has been breathlessly reported over the past hour you’d just assume the Earth has spun off its axis, or worse, Charlie Sheen came up with a new catchphrase. Anyway, Natalie Portman has apparently given up being a vegan while pregnant, but only to become just a regular old vegetarian, so naturally the drama is palpable. Us Magazine reports:

“I actually went back to being vegetarian when I became pregnant, just because I felt like I wanted that stuff,” she said during a Monday phone interview with the Q100 Bert Show in Atlanta. “I was listening to my body to have eggs and dairy and that sort of stuff.”
“I know there are people who do stay vegan,” she added, “but I think you have to just be careful, watch your iron levels and your B12 levels and supplement those if there are things you might be low in in your diet.”
The Oscar-winning actress — who became a vegan in 2009 after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals — doesn’t regret her decision to become a vegetarian again.
“If you’re not eating eggs, then you can’t have cookies or cake from regular bakeries, which can become a problem when that’s all you want to eat,” she laughed. “I actually wanted eggs at the beginning and then they grossed me out after awhile.”
So basically Natalie Portman has gone from one pretentious lifestyle to a slightly less pretentious one. My, God, she’s practically Hitler. An ironically Jewish Hitler, but Hitler nonetheless. Now, quickly, hide Anne Frank in the attic with the eggs. Herr Führer wants macaroons!
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  1. Trying to be vegan is so hard! I could not do it.

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